Asian Journal of Mycology

Aims and Scope

The “Asian journal of Mycology” (AJOM), the official journal of the Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand, is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed journal. The primary focus of this journal is to publish a wide range of high-quality articles in mycology and lichenology, specifically from Asia, but not exclusively. The research areas include:

  • Fungal diversity (systematics, taxonomy, molecular phylogeny, checklists, omics)
  • Fungal ecology (pathology, epidemiology, symbiosis, succession) 
  • Fungal biology (cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, natural antibiotics, antimycotics, and other fungal secondary metabolites)
  • Applied mycology (biotechnology)
  • Fungal evolution

 The main focus of the journal is on basic original research, but review articles and methodological articles are highly welcome. Studies published in the “Asian journal of Mycology” are accompanied by publicly accessible data and provide maximum transparency and reproducibility of analyses workflows. AJOM offers a free outlet for the publications of the mycology community, and there are no word limits for papers in this journal.

Type of Articles

  • Research articles – The articles are full reports of data from research and should be organized to contain an abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion sections.
  • Review articles -  These articles provide critical and constructive analyses on a particular topic, perspective, methodologies, or issue of significant importance to mycology.
  • Methodological articles – These articles provide either a completely new or an improved version of an existing method, test, or procedure and demonstrate the advances.

Review Process

All manuscripts undergo single-bind peer review by at least two external reviewers before acceptance. 

Publication Frequency

Asian Journal of Mycology publishes two issues per volume yearly. Two issues: 1st issue: January-June, 2nd issue: July-December.

Language - English

Publication Charges

There are no open-access or processing charges in the Asian Journal of Mycology. All articles published in AJOM are open-access and freely and widely available to all readers via the journal website.

Asian Journal of Mycology will publish two issue per volume yearly.


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About Asian Journal of Mycology

Asian Journal of Mycology publishes reviews, research articles, methodology papers, taxonomic works such as monographs, and checklists which are relevant to fungal biology, including lichens. The official journal language is English.

All manuscripts will undergo peer review before acceptance. Asian Journal of Mycology will publish each manuscript as quickly as possible following acceptance by the editors.

Asian Journal of Mycology

Asian Journal of Mycology

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