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Asian Journal of Mycology accepts manuscripts written in English and formatted according to the template given under the submission tab. Manuscripts that are not formatted according to the journal template are rejected immediately. All the articles submitted will go through pre-screening prior to being subjected to the single-blind peer review by at least two independent external reviewers. The steps in the process are as follows:


Once a manuscript is received by the managing editor, the editor will follow the preliminary screening process to confirm that the manuscripts are properly formatted according to the journal format and do not have more than 20% plagiarism. If these checks are failed, then the managing editor directly rejects the manuscript. The articles that pass the preliminary screening are then screened by the Editor-in-Chief to determine whether they are in line with the Asian Journal of Mycology’s aims and scope and confirm the originality and novelty of the submitted article and its importance to science. If the submitted article does not meet the above-mentioned selection criteria, the article is declined by the editor-in-chief without sending it for further review, or else the manuscript is assigned to a handling editor and nominated at least two independent reviewers. The handling editor sends the article to the nominated reviewers and receives their recommendations. The peer-review process usually takes 4 months. These recommendations are then sent to the editor-in-chief, who is responsible for the final decision of the article by evaluating the recommendations received from the handling editor. The decisions are as follows:

  • Accept the submission – When the manuscript is accepted without further changes or revisions.
  • Minor revision required – When the manuscript is accepted but with minor changes. The authors are given two weeks to re-submit the article. After the author re-submits the revised manuscript, the handling editor determines whether the revisions or responses to the comments are satisfactory, upon which the manuscript is recommended to be accepted, and the editor-in-chief will be informed of the recommendation. Thereafter, the editor-in-chief will accept the manuscript.
  • Major revision required – When the manuscript requires major changes that need to be peer-reviewed again by the reviewers once the authors re-submit the revised version. The authors are given 4–6 weeks to re-submit the article. After the author re-submits the revised manuscript, the handling editor will send the revised manuscript back to the reviewers to assess whether the authors addressed the reviewer’s comments and suggestions to a satisfactory level. This process will be repeated till the reviewers accept the revised version and inform the handling editor. Then, the handling editor will inform the editor-in-chief of the final revisions and the recommendation to be accepted. Thereafter, the editor-in-chief will accept the manuscript.
  • Reject the submission – When the manuscript is declined either during the preliminary screening or the secondary screening or upon reviewer suggestions. 

The final decision of the editor-in-chief is informed to the corresponding author. The accepted submissions are passed to the managing editor, who is responsible for the copyright, artwork, and producing the proofs. The proof is then sent to the authors, who will be given one week to return it. Finally, the editor-in-chief checks the author confirmed proof and approves it for publication, upon which the article is published on the journal website and informed the authors.  


About Asian Journal of Mycology

Asian Journal of Mycology publishes reviews, research articles, methodology papers, taxonomic works such as monographs, and checklists which are relevant to fungal biology, including lichens. The official journal language is English.

All manuscripts will undergo peer review before acceptance. Asian Journal of Mycology will publish each manuscript as quickly as possible following acceptance by the editors.

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