General policy

Asian Journal of Mycology (AJOM) publishes reviews, research articles, methodology papers, taxonomic works such as monographs, and checklists relevant to fungal biology, including lichens. The official journal language is English.

Submission Checklist


  1. Read the Home page to gain an overview and assess if your manuscript is suitable for this journal.
  2. Use the Microsoft Word template to prepare your manuscript.
  3. Make sure that issues about publication ethics, research ethics, copyright, authorship, figure formats, data and references format have been appropriately considered.
  4. Ensure that all authors have approved the content of the submitted manuscript.
  5. Please include names, affiliations and emails of three potential referees mentioned in body of the email.

Manuscript preparation - General requirements

A proper and quick processing of your manuscript requires a clean manuscript regarding both its scientific content and its format. Detailed information on the layout/template can be found in 'Template_AJOM' or download the most recently published papers.

The template can be downloaded here

Generally, the main text in the manuscript, including legends to illustrations, should be written in Times New Roman, 12 pt, single-spaced throughout. Latin names of genera and species must be italicized. Hyphena-tion must be avoided throughout (switch off automatic hyphenation).

No special formatting options should be used. All pages should be numbered in the bottom right corner of each page. After the acceptance of a paper with new scientific names, authors must register the names in Index Fungorum and obtain Index Fungorum number for each new name (see and Faces of Fungi number for each taxa (see

Submission of manuscripts

Please submit your manuscript electronically as e-mail attachments. Please include names, affiliations and emails of three potential referees mentioned in body of the email.


AJOM will accept only manuscripts that fit the regulations of the journal. Manuscripts, which are not prepared according to our template, will be sent back for reformatting. See 'Template_AJOM'.

Cover Letter

A cover letter must be included with each manuscript submission. It should be concise and explain why the content of the paper is significant. Confirm that neither the manuscript nor any parts of its content are currently under consideration or published in another journal. 

Electronic submission guidelines

First submission

A word file of properly structured/formatted manuscript containing the full text including tables and figures/plates,

Names, affiliations and emails of three potential referees mentioned in body of the email.

Important: The plates and tables should be placed in the text at the appropriate point where you would like to see them published

Submission of revised manuscripts

Accepted papers must be revised and submitted by carefully following the formatting instructions and submitted as a revised version ready for publication with high quality figures and tables. If the manuscript has not been structured/formatted in the journal style it will be sent back for further formatting.

Any revisions should be clearly highlighted, so that changes are easily visible to the editors and reviewers. Please provide a cover letter to explain point-by-point the details of the revisions in the manuscript and your responses to the reviewers' comments. Please include in your rebuttal if you found it impossible to address certain comments. The revised version will be inspected by the editors and reviewers. Please detail the revisions that have been made, citing the page number and exact change, so that the editor can check the changes expeditiously. Simple statements like ‘done’ or ‘revised as requested’ will not be accepted unless the change is simply a typographical error.

Figures in the revised version should be sent separately as JPEG files. Electronic figures must be captured at or above 300 dpi resolution. Single photographs that need mounting together are not acceptable.

Page charges

No charge is made by AJOM for publication even for colour plates.

Tables, Figures and legends

Prepare tables with the table format feature of your word processor and ensure that each data entry is in its own cell; do not use tabs, spaces, graphics and boxes. Tables (and illustrations) must be referred to in the text.

Please note that all terms in the top-line and the left column must begin with a capital letter. Do not use vertical lines in the table.

All entries should be left-aligned. For mere numerical data align the columns of numbers by their decimal points using word processor decimal tabs. Also, place a zero before the decimal point of numbers less than 1 (e.g. 0.1)


Please develop the format of references according to the Template_AJOM.  All citations should be listed alphabetically in the ‘References’ see the format of references in template. In the text, authors should be cited chronologically. Use correct symbols at correct places.


Proofs will be sent as PDF files to the author by email. They must be checked and returned within five working days. AJOM team cannot be held responsible for errors not pointed out within five days by the authors.


Review process

1. Manuscripts will be sent to the EIC to consider whether the manuscript is suitable for publication in AJOM

2. If the manuscript is deemed suitable it will be sent to a handling editor

3. The handling editor will send the paper for peer review by at least two indepentent reviewers.

4. The reviewers will send their recommendations to the handling editor

5. The handling editor will recommend minor revisions, major revisions, acceptance, resubmission, or decline the manuscript and following improvements to the paper and possible further peer review, return the finalised manuscript and decision to the EIC

6. The EIC will make the final decision over acceptance and if accepted forward the final revised manuscript to the managing editor to prepare the final proofs 



Authors are encouraged to deposit their papers online and make them freely downloadable. They can also use their data and publish it elsewhere with permission from Asian Journal of Mycology. We have adopted a Creative Commons Copyright License applicable to this site. 




About Asian Journal of Mycology

Asian Journal of Mycology publishes reviews, research articles, methodology papers, taxonomic works such as monographs, and checklists which are relevant to fungal biology, including lichens. The official journal language is English.

All manuscripts will undergo peer review before acceptance. Asian Journal of Mycology will publish each manuscript as quickly as possible following acceptance by the editors.

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