Volume 4 - 2021 - Index

issue 1

1. Unusual thermal resistance of spores of mesophilic fungi
Rajamani T, Govinda Rajulu MB, Murali TS, Suryanarayanan TS
Asian Journal of Mycology 4(1), 1–9

2. A dynamic online documentation of Italian ascomycetes with hosts and substrates: www.italianmicrofungi.org
Wijesinghe SN, Camporesi E, Wanasinghe DN, Maharachchikumbura SSN, Senanayake IC, Phookamsak R, Hongsanan S, Tibpromma S, Thambugala KM, Luangharn T, McKenzie EHC and Hyde KD
Asian Journal of Mycology 4(1), 10-18

3. First collection of the asexual state of Trichaleurina javanica from nature and the placement of Kumanasamuha
Iturriaga T, Raudabaugh DB, Karakehian JM, Miller AN, Hodge KT and Pfister DH
Asian Journal of Mycology 4(1), 19-28

4. Ganoderma research activities and development in Namibia: A review
Ueitele ISE, Horn LN and Kadhila NP
Asian Journal of Mycology 4(1), 29-39

5. Current status of research on Rust fungi (Pucciniales) in India
Gautam AK, Avasthi S, Verma RK, Devadatha B, Sushma, Ranadive KR, Bhadauria R, Prasher IB and Kashyap PL
Asian Journal of Mycology 4(1), 40-80

6. New host record of Heterosphaeria linariae (Heterosphaeriaceae, Helotiales) from Peucedanum cervaria in Italy
Phutthacharoen K, Chethana KWT, McKenzie EHC and Hyde KD.

7. A review on pigment producing soil fungi and its applications
Anugraha AC and Toji Thomas.

8. AJOM new records and collections of fungi: 101-150
Chethana KWT, Niranjan M, Dong W, Samarakoon MC, Bao DF, Calabon MS, Chaiwan N, Chuankid B, Dayarathne MC, de Silva NI, Devadatha B, Dissanayake AJ, Goonasekara ID, Huanraluek N, Jayawardena RS, Karunarathna A, Luo ZL, Marasinghe DS, Ma XY, Norphanphoun C, Pem D, Perera RH, Rathnayaka AR, Raspé O, Samarakoon BC, Senwanna C, Sun YR, Tang X, Thiyagaraja V, Tennakoon DS, Zeng M, Zeng XY, Zhang JY, Zhang SN, Bulgakov TS, Camporesi E, Sarma VV, Wang Y, Bhat D and Hyde KD

9. Effect of Mycorrhiza on the Growth of Paraserianthes falcataria (L.) I.C Nielson under Hg-contamination
Latifah I, Idris, Napitupulu TP, Ramadhani I, Ikhwani AZN, Kanti A, Sudiana IM, Prasetya B

10. Low temperature induces Polyporus umbellatus sclerotia formation on nutrient media
Pasailiuk MV

issue 2

11. Methods for observing, culturing, and studying living ascospores
Jason M. Karakehian, Luis Quijada, Donald H. Pfister, Genevieve E. Tocci, Andrew N. Miller1

12. Larger basidiomycetes growing on poroid lignicolous fungi show rot type-related colonization patterns
Halbwachs H, Ryvarden L and Bässler C

13. Endophytic association between Alternaria oxytropis and Oxytropis kansuensis affected by nutritional conditions and temperature
Yunye Xie, Yu-Ling Li and Makoto Kakishima

14. Marthomamyces gen. nov. (Asterinales, Lembosiaceae) from Southern Western Ghats, India
Lini K M, Jacob T and Neeta N N

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