Volume 6 - 2023 - Index

issue 1

1. Erratum to: Partial mutual exclusion of ectomycorrhizal and saprobic fungi in a tropical seasonal rainforest
Ediriweera AN, Karunarathna SC, Xu J, Hyde KD, Mortimer PE, Schaefer DA
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 1–5

2. Cultivation and determination of nutrient contents of an edible wild Thai Hymenopellis
Niego AG, Hu Y, Luangharn T, Thongklang N
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 6–20

3. Mini-review: Immunomodulating fungi for feed additives
Abashina T, Antipova T, Zhelifonova V, Vainshtein M
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 21–26

4. Identification, characterisation, and localisation of hyaline spore-forming endophytic fungi in tissues of Echinochloa glabrescens Munro ex Hook. f.
Donayre DKM, Dalisay TU
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 27–50

5. Antibacterial potential of endolichenic fungi from lichen Usnea
Dumo ED, Espino AJT, Lina FD, Pua KD, Paguirigan JAG
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 51–57

6. Mangrove fungi: A glimpse into Africa, its diversity and biotechnological potential
Myovela H, Hussein JM, Tibuhwa DD
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 58–76

7. Cystoderma lignicola, a new species from southwestern China
Liu JW, Luangharn T, Yu FQ
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 77–85

8. Morphological and molecular Characterization of Pythium s.l. species from Khyber Pakthunkhwa province, Pakistan, with some new records and description of Globisporangium ghaffarianum sp. nov.
Abdul Haq M, Shahzad S, Qamarunnisa S, Rajput AQ, Sattar S.
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 86–79

9. A new species of Stephanonectria (Bionectriaceae) from southwestern China
He SC, Wei DP, Bhunjun CS, Zhao Q, Jayawardena RS
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 98–106

10. Effect of two root endophytes (Campylospora parvula and Tetracladium setigerum) on the growth of the wheat plant
Pant P, Sati SC.
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(1), 107–113

issue 2

11. Analyses of challenges faced during the production of amylolytic enzymes and bio-ethanol using left-over cooked-rice, and rice unfit for human consumption
Kumar R, Babu P, Vinoth V, Vignesh K, Rani S, Renganathan S, Sarma V
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(2), 1–25

12. Efficacy of Botanical Mixture and Fungicides to Combat Sigatoka Disease in Banana Cultivation
Dissanayake M, Herath H, Jayasekara HM, Abeywickrame PD.
Asian Journal of Mycology 6(2), 26–35

13. Antioxidant activity and nutritional composition of different mushroom extracts grown on different bush encroachers as substrates in Namibia
Haukongo KN, Horn LN, Tjiurutue MC

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