Volume 7 - 2024 - Index

issue 1

1. Seasonal dynamics of phyllosphere fungi of Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze from the plantations of Tripura, Northeast India
Sharma D, Singha R, Saha AK and Das P
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 1–19

2. Biophysiological profiling of Ganoderma resinaceum Boud., a newly recorded Philippine mushroom
Fabros JA, Lazo MKM, Abon MD, Dulay RMR, Kalaw SP, Reyes RG.
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 20–30

3. Endophytic and rhizospheric Trichoderma spp. associated with cucumber plants as potential biocontrol agents of Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cucumerinum
Akbari Oghaz N, Rahnama K, Habibi R, Hatamzadeh S, Razavi SI, de Farias ARG.
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 31–46

4. Screening for Bioactivities of Wild Hymenopellis spp., and Volvariella pulla in Thailand
Niego AGT, Thongklang N, Charoensup R
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 47–54

5. Guiding Sclerotia Formation in Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Through Tolerating Impinging Stress
Chang HD, Tsai H, Chang YK, Liu MA.
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 55–77

6. Development of improved strains of Pleurotus ostreatus with a shorter harvesting period and a higher yield through hybridization
Rana K, Shyaula M, Bade A, Raut JK.
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 78–85

7. A stimulator of light emission of the luminous fungus Neonothopanus nambi
Ronzhin NO, Posokhina ED, Mogilnaya OA, Bondar VS
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 86–98

8. Novel Botryosphaeriaceae records associated with epiphytic plants from South China
Hua L, Manawasinghe IS, Bhunjun CS, Zhang Y, Xu B.
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 99–121

9. Pseudoidium peltophori on the ornamental tropical tree legume Peltophorum pterocarpum: a new competing synonym of Erysiphe quercicola, and a new host record for Taiwan
Yeh YW, Kirschner R.
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 122–130

10. Bioremediation of chromium and arsenic-contaminated soil using the potential of fungi for a healthy ecosystem
Prashad J, Singh R, Yadav A, Singh N
Asian Journal of Mycology 7(1), 131–143

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