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Volume 2 January 2019 - December 2019

16. Arthrinium setostromum (Apiosporaceae, Xylariales), a novel species associated with dead bamboo from Yunnan, China
Jiang HB et al. (2019)

15. Introducing Seriascoma yunnanense sp. nov. (Occultibambusaceae, Pleosporales) based on evidence from morphology and phylogeny
Rathnayaka AR et al. (2019)

14. The genus Neoaquastroma is widely distributed; a taxonomic novelty, N. cylindricum sp. nov. (Parabambusicolaceae, Pleosporales) from Guizhou, China
Samarakoon MC et al. (2019)

13. Morphological characterization, distribution and ecology of four species of Amanita from north-western Himalaya, India
Mehmood T et al. (2019)

12. Morphology and phylogeny of Yunnanomyces phoenicis sp. nov. (Sympoventuriaceae) from Thailand
Zhang SN et al. (2019)

11. Leucodermia guzmaniana sp. nov. (Physciaceae, Lecanorales), a new species from Mexican cloud forest, and a key to Leucodermia in Mexico
Guzmán-Guillermo J et al. (2019)

10. Phylogenetic and morphological appraisal of Diatrype lijiangensis sp. nov. (Diatrypaceae, Xylariales) from China
Thiyagaraja V et al. (2019)

9. The first report of Daldinia eschscholtzii as an endophyte from leaves of Musa sp. (Musaceae) in Thailand
Samarakoon SMBC et al. (2019)

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